Magic Switch Mode

After short-circuiting the L1 and L2 of the switch terminals through the wires, the device can still be online and can be controlled through the APP after the users flip the wall switch to turn off/on the light.

• Add a wire to connect L1 to L2 on the wall switch following the manual, and the device will stay online even when you switch it off via the wall switch after “Magic Switch Mode” enabled.

• The “Power-on State” will automatically be set to OFF, to make the “Magic Switch Mode” functional when enabled.

• The “Magic Switch Mode” will automatically disable after your adjustment to the “Power-on State”.

Note: Only compatible with mainstream brands of double pole rocker switches Rocker switches. The rear-end light needs to be compatible with mainstream brands of LED, energy-saving lamps, and incandescent lamps ranging from 3W to 100W.

*This function also applies to dual-control lamps