eWeLink-Remote Switch Mate

User Manual

S-MATE2 is a battery-powered switch that can be used to connect ordinary rocker or pulse switches without the need for a neutral line. It can be used as an eWeLink-Remote sub-device and added to the eWeLink-Remote gateway for local control. In addition, it can achieve smart device linkage by setting up smart scenes.

① DIP Switch

② LED Indicator
● Flash once quickly:External switch status changes
● Flash 3 times quickly:External switch type is successfully switched
● Flash 3 times quickly:External switch status changes and the device is in a low battery state

③ Wiring ports

DIP Switch

The factory default mode of this device is Rocker switch mode(Figure①). If the device is connected to a momentary switch, please turn the dip switch to the left(Figure②), the LED indicator will flash 3 times quickly after the switch mode is successfully switched.

Figure① Rocker switch mode

Figure② Momentary switch mode






3.0V ⎓

Wireless Connectivity


Battery Model


Net Weight






Casing Material


Applicable Place


Working Temperature


Working Humidity

5%~95% RH, non-condensing

Certified Compliance


Download the“eWeLink”App

Please download the “eWeLink” App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

1. Take out the battery insulation sheet.
2. Power off

*Please install and maintain the device by a professional electrician. To avoid electric shock hazard, do not operate any connection or contact the terminal connector while the device is powered on!

3. Wiring instruction

* S-MATE2 needs to work with eWelink remote gateway. (Here MINIR4 acts as the eWelink remote gateway.)

Add a Device

Click “…” on the homepage of the supporting gateway

Click “eWeLink-Remote-devices” in the Device Settings

Click “Add” button, and eWeLink-Remote gateway will enter the learning mode

Click the sub-device button within 10 seconds

Click the button on the sub-device to add the device

Smart Scenes

The eWeLink-Remote sub-device can only be used as a triggering device, rather than an executing device.

Select “+”on the scene page to add a new scene

Select “Add” triggers

Select “Smart Device”

Select“S-MATE2” and follow the steps to configure the conditions

Add the linked device

Complete the scene setup

Compatible eWeLink-Remote gateway

This device is connected to a regular switch and used together with a product that provides eWeLink-Remote gateway function. Click on the image or enter the website address to view compatible products.