Smart Garage Door Controller

User Manual

A Wi-Fi garage door controller that modifies the traditional garage door motor to enable the garage door to support remote control, smart scenes, and voice control. After turning on the geofencing function, the door will be opened and closed automatically while driving. Use SONOFF smart camera to monitor the garage door to ensure garage safety. It also supports Matter and can collaborate with smart devices and ecosystems of various brands to create your own smart home solution.

Remote Control



Night Mode

Voice Control

Timer Schedule

Bind Camera

LAN Control

① LED indicator (Blue)

• Flashes two short and one long: Device is in pairing mode.(Single press setup button to exit pairing mode)
• Keeps on: Online
• Slow flashing:Offline
• Flashes twice quickly:LAN status

② Network interface(RJ45)
③ Power supply interface(Type-C)
④ Setup button

• Press and hold for 5 seconds: The device enters the pairing mode. (Pairing time 10 minutes)

⑤ PHSD connector interface

Check if the device and the garage door motor are compatible.

Use a test wire to short-circuit the terminals on the garage door motor that connects to the wall switch. If the garage door starts moving, then it is compatible.

Matter-compatible Ecosystem

SGC100, SGC200, SGC300





Power supply interface type


Network interface type


Connector interface type

PHSD-2.0 (3Pin)

Door sensor installation distance


Total weight

SGC100: 472g, SGC200: 703g, SGC300: 966g





Casing Materials


Applicable Place


Working Temperature


Working Humidity

5%~95% RH, non-condensing

Certified Compliance


Executive Standard


Please close the garage door and cut off the power before proceeding with installation.

Connect the PHSD connector of the signal control wire to the port of the device.

Connect the signal control wire to the garage door motor.

Use 3M glue to fix the device on the garage door motor or other suitable location.

Install the wired door sensor onto the wall of the garage door , fix the signal control wire, and then install the door sensor magnet on the garage door (make sure the distance between the door sensor and the door sensor magnet is less than 40mm).

*After the device installation is complete, then power it on.

*The equipment is only suitable for mounting at heights ≤ 2 m.

Installation of Door Sensor Bracket
Geofencing Settings

Verify if the latitude and longitude are correct.

Set the detection range.

Write the garage door data into the NFC tag.

Stick the NFC tag on a noticeable spot in the car and tap it with your phone before driving.

The garage door closes automatically when leaving home, or opens automatically when returning home.

Bind Camera

This device can quickly bind the connected camera through the “eWeLink” App, allowing you to view the real-time image of the camera on the main interface of the device.

Device Factory Reset

After “Delete the Device” in the eWeLink App

Add a Device

* Devices can only be added on iOS version 16.1 and above.

Power On

Insert the USB Type-C cable, the device will enter the Pairing Mode during the first use. The LED indicator changes in a cycle of two short and one long flash and release.

*The device will exit the Pairing Mode if not paired within 10mins. If you want to enter this mode, please long press the setup button for about 5s until the LED indicator changes in a cycle of two short and one long flash and release.

*This device supports local network. When using local network pairing, you must ensure that the network and network cable connected to the mobile phone are in the same LAN.

Method 1: Matter Pairing

Open the Matter-compatible App and scan the Matter QR code on the device to add it.

Add to Apple via


Add to Google via


Add to Alexa via


Add to SmartThings via


*If the device appears offline on only one platform after being added to multiple Matter platforms, you can restart the Matter gateway of that platform or rescan the QR code on the setup page of another Matter platform to add the garage door controller again.

1. Method 2: eWeLink App Pairing

Please download the “eWeLink” App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2.Scan QR Code to Add Device

Enter “Scan”

Scan the QR code on the device

Select “Add Device”

Power on the device

Long press the setup button for 5 seconds

Check Wi-Fi LED indicator flashing status

(Two short and one long flashes)

Search for the device and start connecting

Select the “Wi-Fi” network and enter the password

Device added completely