SONOFF Zigbee Water Leak Sensor

User Manual

SNZB-05P is a low-power Zigbee 3.0 protocol-based water leak sensor that detects real-time water leakage in the environment. It allows for work with other devices through scene linkage settings. For instance, placing the sensor in areas like the basement, kitchen, or attic, it will trigger a Gateway sound alarm and send an App notification when water leakage is detected.

5-year Battery Life

IP Rating

Gold-plated Probe for Corrosion Resistance

Extended Detection Support

LED indicator (Red)
  • Flash slowly for 180 seconds: Device is in pairing mode.
  • Keep on for 3s and then keep off: Pairing Successful.
  • Exit flashing slowly and keep off: Pairing Failed /Timeout.
  • Flash once quickly: Not added to the gateway, and short press the button.
  • Flash twice quickly: Added to the gateway and online, and short press the button.
  • Flash slowly for 30 seconds: Abnormal communication.
② Probe Foot
③ Bottom Cover
④ Battery Cover
⑤ Button
  • Press and hold for 5 seconds: Device enters the pairing mode.




Battery model





IP rating



Placed on the ground (with optional external extension cord).

Communication distance

130m (Open space)

Battery life

5 years (Trigger frequency: 50 times/day)

Product dimension


Net weight

34.3g (Battery not included)

Casing materials


Wireless connection

Zigbee 3.0

Pairing time


Applicable place


Working temperature

-10°C ~ 60°C

Working humidity


Working height

Less than 5000m



Executive standard

EN 62368-1

Download the“eWeLink”App

Please download the “eWeLink” App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Matched gateways

SONOFF ZBBridge, ZBBridge-P, NSPanel PRO, AIBridge, ZBDongel-P,ZBDongel-E

Third-party compatible gateway models:

SmartThings Gateway Model:SmartThings Hub V3, AeoTec Smart Home Hub V3

Other gateways supporting ZigBee3.0 wireless protocol. Detailed information is in accordance with the final product.

Effective Communication Distance Verification

Install the device in the desired place, then press the Pairing button on the device. The LED indicator flashes twice means the device and the device under the same Zigbee network (the router device or hub) are in the effective communication distance.

Usage Illustration with Water Leak Detection Cable
One device paired with one water leak detection cable
One device paired with multiple water leak detection cables
  1. In high humidity conditions, the water leak detection cable may trigger leak detection.
  2. After detecting water immersion, please thoroughly dry the water immersion line before reusing it.
Battery Replacement
Add a Device
1.Download the“eWeLink”App

Please download the “eWeLink” App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2.Add device

Rotate and remove the bottom cover

Take out the battery insulation sheet to power on the device

Enter “Scan”

Scan the QR code on the device

Select “Add Device”

Long press the button for 5 seconds

The LED indicator flashes slowly for 180s

Select Zigbee gateway

Wait until the addition is done